Lack of University

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Lack of University

We have discussed some of the extraordinary benefits that life and university education presents. However, in turn we must discuss several other weaknesses related to learning at the university. While we discuss this, you must remember that they do not in any way show that you have to give up on your higher education goals, only that you have to look at your educational process with realistic expectations.

When compared to the community college system, the first and most distinct disadvantage that comes to mind is the high cost of higher education at the university level. Community colleges are more cost effective than universities. Costs far outweigh the money that will be spent in rooms and dormitories make the tuition fees expensive in many cases. Although there are many types of financial assistance available to students, most students in this country fulfill their needs through the use of student loans, which must be paid back at a substantial interest rate, to cover the costs associated with university education.

Apart from one obvious weakness there are several other weaknesses mentioned in this particular situation. First of all, universities don't have small intimate classroom settings that really distinguish community colleges. In fact, for lower-level courses, most universities offer large auditorium classes taught by graduate students rather than professors and more often students never get to know the people charged with their education more than nods and smiles as they pass in the hall. This learning method is considered by many to be very low and statistics prove that students who enter directly into a four-year college environment rather than through community colleges first are far less likely to complete their degrees.

If that is not detrimental enough, many people find that the impersonal atmosphere of most universities is quite limited when interacting with other students. The smaller class environment of a community college invites interaction between students in the class. The path of open communication in the classroom is very preferred to have so many students that no one can speak out or have the ability to voice their opinions or personal experiences when discussing certain topics.

Another disadvantage to university life is the number of campuses at universities. College communities tend to be much more compact. This means that students have a good enough chance to reach all classes on time and without worry of walking 2 miles in ten minutes. Even though this is good for physical fitness, skipping the first ten minutes of class each week can limit the educational process that your university experience must provide. It seems like a small thing on the one hand but when you haul around one day of textbooks and laptops - the increase can be a thing that marines seem dubious about achievement.

Although there are some specific disadvantages to the life of the university, the fact remains that graduating from university is the single biggest way to increase your earning potential during your lifetime. The amount is not significant at all. I highly recommend whenever you attend a community college during the first two years of your college education. Beyond that, I strongly urge you to consider the value that can be given to complete your education and get a four-year bachelor's degree.

If you want to build confidence, gain potential, and work security, there is no better way than getting a four-year degree. It doesn't matter where you are in your life or career; It's never too late to start getting your education. There is so much in the world that a good education will open your eyes besides the door to a four-year degree opportunity that will open.

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