Go to Higher Education through New Student Scholarships

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Go to Higher Education through New Student Scholarships

So you have graduated from secondary education, of course, a sign of happiness and satisfaction can still be traced on your face. However, you must accept the fact that entering a college portal is not as easy as you might think.

Preparation for college requires a lot of effort until it gives you a lot of stress if you will not be able to distinguish the best strategy that must be taken.

First, you will choose the study program you want to attend, you have to fulfill the hassle of taking the entrance examination, confusion about which school you want to attend, not only that, you still have to consider the standards.

But the biggest pressure comes from the costs you need to be able to take the course you want, and to be able to enter institutions with good teaching standards. You must first consider the ability of your parents to pay for your education.

But don't worry if you think money will be a barrier in pursuing your college education. Several types of scholarships are offered to help financially disadvantaged students. There are several public and private organizations, federal and state, colleges and universities, which offer scholarships in various forms.

Especially, scholarships are a form of prize money given and based on academic achievement. For this reason, student eligibility is very important.

There is a New Student Honor Scholarship, funded by an organization that provides scholarships to students who have so far excelled in class and have been able to get awards. Requirements can come in separate application forms, while others do not.

There is also a Presidential Scholarship, most of the beneficiaries are honorary students who enter. Likewise, readers of farewell and salutatorian speeches from accredited secondary schools may be able to receive this scholarship.

Meanwhile, the Presidential Scholarship can be extended for eight semesters, depending on the results of the annual review. This covers 50 percent of domestic and foreign tuition fees, although this does not include fees. Likewise, this specifically covers all tuition fees / including rooms and lodgings.

The only requirement for this scholarship is a minimum GPA of 3.0 that students must maintain. No more applications needed.

Meanwhile, students who are not accepted into the New Student Honors Scholarship can take their chances at the Presidential Scholarship. Unlike the previous one, the Presidential Scholarship chose the scholars by the committee and was established not only on academic abilities, but also on creativity, character, and the desire for leadership.

Students who qualify at Freshman Honor College will be sent materials for the application. The application process only develops in written applications, then conversations on campus follow with program directors or committee representatives, and finally, spontaneous essays.

All applicants are responsible for sending a complete application to the program director. The deadline is set in mid-January. Nominations from schools will not be accepted as well as applications.

These scholarship finalists will be notified on or before January 31 to schedule visits on campus. Interviews must be completed before March 1.

These are just a few of the available scholarships offered to new students entering college. There are still some of them, you can try visiting other sites to have deep knowledge about them.

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