Christian College Scholarship: Following the Path in which God Leads You

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Christian College Scholarship: Following the Path in which God Leads You

What will be your life after high school?

Graduating from high school is a moment of truth. You must decide which path you will follow after your high school life. There are some who prefer to get a job immediately rather than pursuing their respective college dreams while others will join the military as their service to Americans. But the majority of secondary school graduates are still uncertain about what career they will pursue after high school.

However, the most important thing you need to remember is to follow the path in which God leads you.

There was once a college professor who got a bachelor's degree at a Christian college. He felt like he was in "paradise" —in a place where he was surrounded by professors and students who were all dedicated Christians. They support him in the effort he wants to do while studying. He also has friends who study at other Christian colleges and experience the same thing.

Although attending a Christian college will not lead to sacrament ordination as a priest or a soldier of God, making yourself registered in a college where administrators, staff, teaching staff, and students who are devoted to Christians are indeed an excellent choice . They care not only for your education, but also for your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. In addition, there are previous studies that show that students who attend Christian colleges are likely to affirm their Christian faith and strong belief in God.

Maybe you are afraid of the potential "high costs" of attending a Christian college or university. However, there is nothing to worry about. In fact, there are many students who have attended Christian colleges and universities through generous donor assistance. Just like ordinary colleges and universities, Christian colleges also offer scholarships to students who experience financial difficulties but are determined to complete their college studies and get their bachelor's degrees through God's intervention.

There are several steps you can take to receive a Christian college scholarship. These are as follows:

• Junior Spring Year - during the stage of your high school education, there are various sponsors who offer scholarships to students who wish to complete their tertiary education at a Christian college. Most of the scholarships offered so far have a registration deadline set in the senior years.

• January-May Your High School Year - at this point, you need to complete the FAFSA or Federal Application for Federal Student Assistance. You can get this from your secondary school adviser or from a Christian college where you plan to register.

After you complete your FAFSA, ISIR or your Institutional Student Information Note will be produced and will be sent to the Christian college where you are registered. After colleges receive your ISIR, they will send you a SAR or Student Assistance Report. Complete information about SAR to receive a financial assistance package.

Remember that the best way to get a good Christian college scholarship is to do your best when you are in your high school years. This means that you must have a higher GPA, a higher ranking than your academic class, and a higher score on your SAT. Apart from your excellent academic record, you must have active participation in other school activities such as youth groups, community volunteer programs, and others.

As mentioned before, follow the path where God wants to lead you. Don't be afraid, through His intervention, the life of your Christian campus will not be as difficult as others think.

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