Benefits of Community College

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Benefits of Community College

If you are fortunate enough to live in a community that has a community college, you must really spend time on your schedule to check and see what types of classes they can offer that can help you advance your education and career. You may be amazed by the variety of courses you can take even at the community college level. I knew that I had found several courses offered and the level of learning that took place was quite impressive. I think that many people who in the past have ignored the important role played by community colleges in providing affordable learning places will also be very impressed.

Community colleges have a reputation for improper inferiority nowadays that cannot be far from the truth. Many good state nurses are products of community college education. In many countries, an associate's nursing program is quite rigorous and provides more clinical experience than most undergraduate nursing programs. This means that students who graduate from nursing schools with associate degrees in nursing are often better equipped to deal with patient care than those who have a 'superior degree'. This is in no way intended to belittle student B. S. Nursing at all. In fact, most hospitals will not even consider you as a candidate for an administrative nursing position unless you have a bachelor's degree. This is only intended to show that an associate degree program can be very competitive and inclusive despite general misunderstandings.

Of course there are other benefits to studying at the community college level, at least for the first two years of your education. One of the benefits that speaks volumes to me is the fact that teachers at community colleges are dedicated to teaching. They don't do their own research or books. They are there with the aim of helping you achieve your goals, which means you have no disruption in pursuing their own goals.

College communities also offer excellent support for students who may not be above their academic playing in high school or those who return to college after a long absence from academics. You will not find a large auditorium class at the level of a community college that is famous for famous universities. You also won't find that teachers don't have time for their students. There is a lower ratio of teachers and students at a community college so that the professor will have time to address student needs.

Another benefit is that even if you do not continue to get a four-year degree after completing your community college education, you will find that your earning potential is significantly increased compared to those who do not have at least a two-year college education. Research also shows that students who complete a two-year degree program at a community college are more likely to complete and get a four-year degree than students who begin their educational experience at a four-year university.

There are a number of problems that can be associated with college education and you should note this so that they are not a problem for you. First of all, some universities do not receive many courses offered at the level of community colleges as transfer credit. Make sure you know what courses are needed for the unaiversity you are transferring to avoid this. You might also find that you are limited to the courses you can take and the time they will be available. Make sure you have all the limited programs in advance so that you don't take another year to graduate.

Overall, community college education can be as enlightening as university education if you enter into a process with an open mind and willingness to learn. I hope you take advantage of this much cheaper option before moving to a university program if possible.

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